Children who Read Earlier. . .

According to an Extensive 20 Year Research Project, scientists found that the Earlier a Child’s Brain Receives Stimulation, the More Developed the Language and Cognition Part of Their Brain will be in adulthood. (Source: Abstract #908.02/BBB25, Centre for Neuroscience and Society; University of Pennsylvania)

Developing a Child’s Reading Skills as soon as they Start Talking, Stimulates and Develops the Brain Early, and puts them “Ahead of Their Class”.

New Reading Technique Accelerates Reading Skills in Children

After reviewing over 1,900 different studies, the National Reading Panel of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) in Washington DC, confirmed a New Reading Technique that had greater success in early child reading development, than other commonly used approaches. In their words, the new technique was “Highly Effective.”

  • Learn what this New Technique is.
  • How children can Accelerate Their Reading Skills.
  • Even as early as 18 Months!

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