How Can Children Read Earlier?

According to an extensive 20 year research project, scientists found that the more Mental Stimulation a child gets in their earlier years, the More Developed the Language and Cognition Part of Their Brain will be in adulthood. (Source: Abstract #908.02/BBB25, Centre for Neuroscience and Society; University of Pennsylvania)

Thus, the earlier a child can start reading adds to greater brain development.


How I Discovered a New Reading Method

Hi, I’m Sarah Shephard, an English Teacher. Let me share with you my personal story about one of my children and his reading skills. When my 6 year old son came home from school with a report card that said he was “Failing” in his English class, I was shocked. A son of an English teacher failing! I was embarrassed.

When I started working with him on his reading I developed a Surprising New Method that had him immediately reading at a phenomenal level. It completely turned him around in his English class. This New Approach to Reading is Unlike Anything Being Taught in the Schools Today. Matter of Fact… what is being taught in the schools today is the same method that was taught to your grandparents. It hasn’t changed in over 70 years. It is terribly outdated!

This New Approach Will Have Your Child Reading Flawlessly in as Little as 30 days.

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This New Method works best with Children Ages 18 Months to 9 Years.

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